• Confidential Research

      In many cases, companies would like to investigate certain facets of business anonymously, or with certain privacy. Aagra can help here as a distanced third party to research and explore as directed without disclosing the hiring party.

    • Global Business Development

      Aagra has expansive contacts within the mobile and semiconductor space and can leverage these relationships to help open new doors for companies wanting to expand outside their existing footprint.

    • Demand Creation

      Aagra can aid in driving existing products into new markets or new products into existing markets. By understanding the purchasing and supply chain, we can help intersect the proper channels and get your product introduced at the correct point and drive wide spread adoption.

    • Go To Market

      We see many good product ideas developed by bright engineers, but lacking in a solid go to market plan. Aagra can provide the added emphasis on customer and market to give your product ideas wings to make it to the correct channel and be seen and heard, enabling a successful product launch.

    • Product Definition & Roadmap

      Through collaboration with product developers to understand key strengths, coupled with face-to-face time with desired customers, Aagra can help map out the correct products for today and the future. Having managed complex chipset roadmaps in the past further ratifies our capabilities and gives us a unique understanding to help define a roadmap of products serving your desired market.

    • Product Placement

      Aagra can help with new products or find new markets for existing products. In many cases small modifications can help expand available markets. In other cases, knowing the right partners for each market of interest can be the enabling action. We call upon many years of B2B experience and find the right answer for your product placement needs.

    • Strategic Partnerships

      We have an expansive reach in multiple high technology arenas such as mobile, semiconductors, and IP. Plus, our connections with cellular carriers, OEM’s and ODM’s, and the growing number of powerful local brands, enables Aagra to bring a unique ecosystem together to help make new products and ideas a reality.

    • Strategy Development & Execution

      Aagra’s strength is in strategy development and being part of the execution engine to bring that new strategy to life. Whether you have an existing solution in need of added attention, or a completely new solution, pioneering virgin grounds, we can help. We have aided multiple companies to expand their presence and ultimately grow sales of both existing and new products.

    • Trade Shows & Public Relations

      Aagra can provide support to attend tradeshows at all levels, including an actual booth on the show floor, an off site suite, or simply attend the show and meet potential customer/partners. In addition, we can provide PR materials for product launches, including press releases, FAQ, overview presentations, and demo tours.