About Us

Our Mission

Aagra Consulting was formed as an enablement engine for new and existing companies. Our 30+ years of experience in the high tech industry has taught us there are never enough (able) hands, feet, and minds around the table to accomplish all the things you would like to do. Some of the projects need part time support. Others need full time support, but not forever. Making a long-term commitment to hire a senior, experienced marketing and business development person is expensive, takes time, and can be risky. What if you could hire experienced help on an as needed basis? How about having this talent “on call” for one day a week or a few days a month? Someone you can trust, someone that can help you get more things done without committing a full head count. Enter Aagra Consulting.

Background and Experience

Aagra Consulting’s principal is Michael Civiello. An electrical engineer and MBA, Michael has worked in large companies like Motorola and Broadcom. He has managed marketing and engineering teams, and built customer support organizations from the ground up. He has a successful startup under his belt with Zyray Wireless, and lived and worked abroad for 4+ years in Japan for Nippon Motorola. His family calls him a wireless nerd. He has traveled extensively and met a lot of important people along the way. The kinds of people that help you attain that next step on your companies business plan.

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  • Clients call when they want to…

    1. Expand their product awareness
    2. Enter new markets with existing products or services
    3. Validate new business opportunities
    4. Target specific markets and customers in new regions
    5. Confidentially research new markets or possible cooperative ventures
    6. Get a project done that no one seems to have time for
  • Why Aagra Consulting

    1. 30 year track record of technology development, B2B linkage and market promotion
    2. Excellent mix of engineering and business perspectives
    3. Pragmatic approach to selling and marketing
    4. Extensive contacts in semiconductor & mobile industries
    5. Success in positioning multiple brands, across consumer & B2B
    6. Collaborative process to drive desired results
    7. Complementary to existing teams