Cognitive Systems

Founded in 2014, Cognitive Systems Corp., set out on a mission to transform the way the world interacts with and uses wireless signals.

Determined to use radio frequency (RF) technology to build an “RF camera”, the co-founders drew upon their expertise in silicon design, RF, and cryptography to create a new way to interpret wireless signals. As a result WiFi Motion was born.

Cognitive Systems’ capabilities are unique as it owns the entire IP stack – from machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, all the way to the hardware and core patents. To date, the company has more than 30 patents awarded and over 135 filed or in-process.

Today, Cognitive Systems is licensing its WiFi Motion Software for use in Mesh Routers, Voice Assistants and IoT Devices, made possible through partnerships with top chipset manufacturers, enabling devices to see and interpret motion, and provide contextual awareness and user behavior insights into the home.


Intrinsic ID

Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading provider of Physical Unclonable Function or PUF-based digital authentication technology for Internet of Things security and embedded applications. Based on Intrinsic ID’s patented PUF technology, the company’s security solutions can be implemented in hardware or software. Intrinsic ID security, which can be deployed at any stage of a product’s lifecycle, is used to validate payment systems, secure connectivity, authenticate sensors, and protect sensitive government and military systems. Award recognition includes the Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Award, the IoT Breakthrough Award, the IoT Security Excellence Award, the Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award and the EU Innovation Radar Prize. Intrinsic ID security has been proven in millions of devices certified by Common Criteria, EMVCo, Visa and multiple governments. 

At Intrinsic ID we enable the “Authentication of Everything” by making it easy for our customers to secure their smart devices through providing those with an unclonable identity.


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KangXi Communications

IKangxi Communication Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., or Kxcomtech, was founded by seasoned experts with global experiences in the field of RF chip design, applications, production, and sales. With a solid technical background particularly in the field of RF front-ends, Kxcomtech now offers the industry its highly recognized RF front-end products with an excellent balance of linearity and efficiency, based on a combination of GaAs and CMOS technologies. Kxcomtech’s product portfolio extensively covers the needs of the RF front-end market. Kxcomtech is more than willing to collaborate with its customers by providing an excellent solution that suits their applications. It will continue to adhere to the philosophy of “technology-based, chasing excellence”, and will strive to become one of the top-notch RF semiconductor chip design companies in the world.



After spearheading 25 years of innovation at Motorola and Broadcom, we saw an inflection point in the silicon memory market. The Flash and SRAM solutions of old, could not scale to meet the increasing demands of customers. Veevx was brought to life and through proprietary design and development, has overcome standard MRAM performance deficiencies to replace both nonvolatile and static memories. Veevx has revolutionized MRAM chiplets to provide customers with low power, high endurance, high density memory with fast read and write access. Ideal for emerging AI applications.


Weasic Microelectronics

WEASIC Microelectronics S.A. designs, develops, and markets high quality complex analog and RF IP for wireless communications and wireless sensors applications, helping semiconductor and system companies to shrink the product design cycle. WEASIC, silicon verified, IP is designed in the state of the art CMOS, CMOS-SOI and SiGe processes and can be easily ported and customized to serve the development of 5G and Backhaul communications transceivers, mmWave front-end modules, and RADAR sensors.


ArcherMind Technology

ArcherMind Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., was established in September, 2006, is a professional software service supplier specializing in software product design, code development, quality assurance, technology support. The company is devoted to providing specialized world-wide software R&D service an

d focusing on R&D and consulting service in the field of mobile devices and wireless internet software. Archermind is located in Nanjing, China and has sales locations in the US, Canada, Finland and Japan, and branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan.

archermindArcherMind has established, long-term cooperative relationships with world-class customers, from top terminal device manufacturers, chipset manufacturers, operators and software companies.

With professional technology in the field, accumulated experience, normative project management and quality management, ArcherMind has mastered professional software service capabilities. Its highly specialized service has been recognized by the field and highly appreciated by customers. The goal of the company is to achieve rapid and steady expansion so as to be the top comprehensive software outsourcing service enterprise in the field of China’s service outsourcing industry and to provide qualified service to customers all over the world in the name of “R&D in China”.

Four ways ArcherMind can help your business

ArcherMind is a well-established, well-respected global software development company. Through flexible service delivery models we can help you in four key areas…

  • Quality: Deliver on time, guaranteed high quality software products through international best-practice project management and our own coveted Quality Assurance control system.
  • Protection: Extreme security measures guarantee complete IP protection with a 100% security track record.
  • Experience: Highly qualified management team and software development teams consistently deliver the right client solutions.
  • Cost: Significantly reduce software development cost by as much as 75% with a corresponding benefit of reduced time to market

Five aspects ArcherMind can help you get returns

ArcherMind devotes itself to providing our customers with world-class software development technology and services. Everything we do is with focus on providing maximum benefit to our customers including:

  • Faster time to market
  • More client focus on sales and marketing
  • Better quality product
  • Maximum return on investment
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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