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    Introduction to Cellular Carriers

    1. Successful (public) company has innovative technology that has already been adopted by many Smartphone and wearable device manufacturers.
    2. Company wants to expand their presence with a stated goal to be “specified in” by the carriers.
    3. Marketing team is small and has little to no direct contact with cellular carriers.
    1. Engage with Aagra Consulting to produce presentation material tailored for carrier introductions.
    2. Use Aagra’s reach and broad contacts with carriers to get face to face meetings set up with key technologists and decision makers at the 4 big U.S. carriers.
    3. Execute carrier tour with Aagra’s key person to meet carriers and present updated roadmap and discuss opportunities for enhanced cooperation.
    1. Meetings have led to deeper cooperation between the company and the carriers.
    2. Carriers now investigating best way to include company’s latest technology into their future roadmaps.
    3. Company is pleased they engaged with Aagra Consulting.