Aagra Consulting is a strategic consulting firm with 30 years high tech experience. With a focus in mobile communications, semiconductors and global business development, we bring a broad understanding of high tech devices from chips and software to mobile devices and electronic subcomponents, as well as knowledge of the ecosystem and industry to design, manufacture, market, sell and promote these products. We have relationships with global cellular carriers and handset OEMs/ODMs including dominant local brands in the mobile phone market.

    • Confidential Research & Feedback
    • Demand Creation
    • Global Business Development
    • Go To Market Strategy
    • Product Definition and Roadmap
    • Product Placement
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Strategy Development & Execution
    • Public Relations & Events

  • Clients call when they want to…

    1. Expand their product awareness
    2. Enter new markets with existing products or services
    3. Validate new business opportunities
    4. Target specific markets and customers in new regions
    5. Confidentially research new markets or possible cooperative ventures
    6. Get a project done that no one seems to have time for
  • Why Aagra Consulting

    1. 30 year track record of technology development, B2B linkage and market promotion
    2. Excellent mix of engineering and business perspectives
    3. Pragmatic approach to selling and marketing
    4. Extensive contacts in semiconductor & mobile industries
    5. Success in positioning multiple brands, across consumer & B2B
    6. Collaborative process to drive desired results
    7. Complementary to existing teams